Monday, December 16, 2013

The Joy of sharing - Merry Christmas Everyone

It’s the season of sharing and giving once again, let us be thankful for another year –It’s the time of the year most of us are excited of – celebrating the yuletide season with family and friends.

So this is what happened last Saturday (Dec. 14, 2013), as my friends and I were about to celebrate our group’s Christmas Party, getting ready as we packed up our clothes, foods and other things to bring to the beach – everybody was excited! Bearing presents for exchange gifts.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Helping Bohol - A Relief Experience

Church Destroyed on Bohol Quake
Earthquake in Bohol - Destroys Church
Last October 15, 2013 – Visayas was strucked by a strong quake measuring a 7.2 magnitude on the Richter scale. PHIVOLCs reported the epicenter was at Carmen Bohol that also affected the near by islands: Davao, Leyte, Cebu, Iloilo etc.

PHIVOLCS Tweet Bohol Earthqauke

Monday, September 16, 2013

10 Dove Street - The Perfect 10 Dining Experience

10 Dove Street Restaurant

Want to spend a date with sandwiches and salads? Wanting to try something new? Well it isn’t really new, but maybe it could be new to your taste. It's not the typical rice meals, yet it's as mouthful at it is. I’m talking about sumptuous sandwiches and mouthwatering salads and cakes that surely are perfect to feed for your hungry appetite.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dive, Explore, Travel to Pescador Island

There's just something about the beach that most of us find very exciting. Is it because of the waves and adventure it gives us? Is it because of the heat of the sun, the blue ocean and sky that makes you feel relax? Or maybe because of the summer fashion trends, those beach bodies and those jaw dropping swim suit parties? Whatever the reason is, the hype of the beach when summer time comes is immeasurable – simply because it's fun staying in a place we call PARADISE!

Travel to Pescador Island, Basdaku Moalboal
Travel to Pescador Island - Basdaku Moalboal

Whatever trip we may do in the beach either swimming, snorkeling, sailing, island hopping, diving and much more – we can never escape the amusement we gain especially when we're with the people we enjoy spending time with. It's just so fun that it gives you a smile every time you think about those experiences. I can even recall the pleasures I had when we had our trip to Camotes Island, the summer trip to Panglao Beach in Bohol and who would ever forget the exciting Plunge experience in E.A.T. Danao, Bohol – those glorious days! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Osmeña Peak Trek - Traversing to Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls in Badian
Osmeña Peak trekking and traversing to the famous Kawasan Falls
View from Osmeña Peak
On top of the world - Osmeña Peak
Mountain trekking is exhausting and even dangerous but you can never take away the fun, excitement and the feelings of accomplishment when you get to the top – it’s priceless. My first experience was trekking to Mount Babag that was last year together with my friends (loserboys). Now I am becoming to be a fan of the sport. All that sweat equates to fulfillment, all the excitement equates to adventure and all the pain equates to the lessons learned. Be one with nature and experience the beauty of the world on top.

Trekking to Osmeña Peak
The Journey to the top - Osmeña Peak trek

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